K-Index Ltd.

Company K-INDEX Ltd. is providing full service of facility management. We are service oriented company and some of the advantages we offer are lower business expenditures due to our extensive experience in the field and well organized automatic data processing.

It is important to mention that the apartment owners themselves choose the amount of savings they will pay on a monthly basis. The final decison is based on the agreement with the majority of owners (expressed in m2). The maintanance of building includes a comprehensive plan of servicing the common parts of building, providing insurance of the object and payment of common expenditures of the building.

Every object has its own bank account on which founds are saved. Those founds are used for paying regular bills and repairs. Repairs are usualy conducted by local companies from area of the object. Owners are regularly informed about financial state of the object, work that was done and overall expenses of the object.

For our clients we organise participation in projects of Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency. Projects such as repair of facade that is more energy efficient are co-funded to certain amount with non-refundable funds. We have 100% success in projects that were proposed and handed in to the Fund for Environmental Protection and Enegry Efficiency with total amount of 1.659.783,53 kn funds for our clients.

Owners are asked to deliver their main address so we are able to send them their invoices or any other additional information.

If you have any questions, please don't hasitate to contact us. We shall be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


Yours sincerely,
Director (CEO)
Milivoj Kisić, mag.ing.